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Golf Rules Pro 2012 - 2015

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Note: We have recently added the 2013 golf calendar to the news page, this will replace the '2012 Majors' tab which, for technical reason, will are unable to update.Golf Rules code as jointly approved by The USGA and R&A Ltd, effective 01 January 2012.
Rules awareness is a must for any serious golfer.
Golf rules detailed in this app are the new rules code which came into effect on 01 January 2012.
A complete reference to the 2012 Rules of Golf.
Golf Rules at your fingertips.
No Internet Access required, data stored in SQLite DB for quick access.
Searchable Database.
Ever been on the course and been in doubt of the rules when situations arise? This is your answer.
As well as a complete reference to the rules, the app also provides other useful information such as: Rules Explorer, Quick Rules Guide, Club Yardage Guide, Scenario Helper, Etiquette Guide, Principal Rule Changes for 2012.
This is not an official R&A or USGA App.